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August Box - 2017

your name., Vol. 1
     Story: Makoto Shinkai    Art: Ranmaru Kotone
Kuma Miko, Vol. 1
     Story and Art by Masume Yoshimoto
Descending Stories: Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju,
     Story and Art by Haruko Kumota                         Vol. 1

GGE Original Ramen
Orion Moist & Chewy Cake
Kracie Fun Festival Candy Kit
Heart Shin Chan Namaiki Drink

July Box - 2017

Delicious in Dungeon, Vol. 1
     Story and Art by Ryoko Kui
Black Clover, Vol. 1
     Story and Art by Yuki Tabata
Behind the Scenes!!, Vol. 1
     Story and Art by Bisco Hatori

Bourbon Every Burger
Crown White Heim - White Hazelnut
Good Good Eat BBQ Cube
Hi-Chew Cherry Berry
Kasugai Pineapple Gummy
Coconut Ramune Soda

December Box - 2017

The Promised Neverland, Vol. 1
     Story by Kaiu Shirai    Art by Posuka Demizu
Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card, Vol. 1
     Story and Art by Clamp
Children of the Whales, Vol. 1
     Story and Art by Abi Umeda

YUKI/LOVE Corn Cracker Chocolate Flavour
Lotte Milkis Refreshing Milk and Yogurt Flavor
Mofashi Noodle Snack Scallion Flavor
Clever Mama Egg Pudding
Milk Hello Panda Cookies
Chin Chin Pearl Milk Tea

November Box - 2017

In/Spectre, Vol. 1
     Story by Kyou Shirodaira    Art by Chasiba Katase
To Your Eternity, Vol. 1
     Story and Art by Yoshitoki Oima
Rokka Braves Of The Six Flowers, Vol. 1
     Story by Ishio Yamagata
     Art by Kei Toru

Seaweed Chip Star Potato Chips
Glico Cheesecake Pocky Double
Grape Hi Chews
Collon Vanilla Biscuits
Nissin Ramen Noodles
                                                                                                                              Ramune Raspberry Soda

October Box - 2017

Kakegurui Compulsive Gambler, Vol. 1
     Story by Homura Kawamoto
     Art by Toru Naomura
Tokyo Ghoul:re, Vol. 1
     Story and Art by Sui Ishida
Devils' Line, Vol. 1
     Story and Art by Ryo Hanada

Apple & Jasmine Drink
COSMOS Tteokbokki Snack
Dagashi and Mixed Japanese Candy Bag

September Box - 2017

Love And Lies, Vol. 1
     Story and Art by Musao Tsumugi
Aho-Girl A Clueless Girl, Vol. 1
     Story and Art by Hiroyuki
Waiting for Spring, Vol. 1
     Story and Art by Anashin

Morinaga Milk Caramel
Kracie Okosama Lunch DIY Candy Kit
Orion Custard Soft Cup Cake
Meiji Strawberry Yan Yan
Ramune Blueberry or Cotton Candy Soda

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