Juneโ€™s Sneak Peek

This Month's Theme: LATE NIGHT

Fool Night Vol. 1 Story Summary

In a distant future where the sun no longer shines, Toshiro Kamiya gives up his body to a sinister floral metamorphosis for a payday.

The earth of the distant future is covered in thick clouds, and the sun no longer shines. Plants wither, and oxygen is thin. To fight extinction, humankind has developed a technology that turns humans into plants, providing a small amount of oxygen. Is this process sustainable? Is it ethical? Toshiro Kamiya must consider these questions as heโ€™s faced with a difficult choiceโ€”save his family or save himself.

Kamiya is at the end of his rope. His mother is ill, and his job barely pays for her medication, much less food. With few options left, he considers the life-changing process of transfloration. Ready to give his body up for a payday, Kamiya is about to explore the limits of societyโ€™s waning humanity.